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A few words.

Some short explanations.

Welcome! Music Lovers!

This is just the starting point of a new list. Currently, the list is set as moderated as we all need some time to adjust to how it will work.

The name of the list is "20th Century Classical Music." I am taking a very liberal definition of this term. It could be a composition composed, published, or premiered after or around the 1900s. It could also mean a discussion on a composer whose major artistic contributions crossed the "1900" threshhold. It might also include reflections or explorations on music theories that shape the musical thinking in the 20th century. This forum can be about composers, musicians, musical genres, performance practice and musical instruments of modern times, musicology, music history, books, or recordings.

As a moderator, I will try to facilitate the discussions by requesting all messages to be relevant to the topic. All paritcipants must observe what constitutes as good netiquette and engage in a civilized and mature manner. Any violation of this basic policy will result in removal or restricted access.

I expect all submissions to contain a reasonable amount of relevant information. All pariticipants should carefully consider and review their opinions or point of view before they submit their contributions. Please double-check your facts, quote attributions, spelling, format and "return address." Remember, this is a public forum for intellectual and educational discussions. It is in the best interest of the group if you desire your views to come across and to be convincing in a rational and intelligent style.

(1) Not considered as good netiquette: excessive quotes in a response to previous postings; distribution of copyrighted material beyond the "Fair Use" limitation; extremely bad grammar or spelling; personal or "off-topic" communications; excessive signature files; image files.

(2) Not considered as civilized or mature manner: personal attacks; obscene or foul language; juvenile remarks or jests; messages of a pornographic nature or pointing to pornographic materials.

Since this list is designated as a non-commercial list, I request that all pariticipants refrain from submissions with an exclusively commercial purpose. Except for messages regarding the management of this list, it is not acceptable to post repeated messages (commercial or non-commercial) in any frequency.

I reserve the right to revise, review, supplement and implement the above statement.

I hope you will enjoy the list. Thank you.

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