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Hello, everyone,

I guess we all have to start from somewhere.

I have the following list sitting on the top of my CD player for a long, long time. It is a just a list I jotted down for fun, perhaps (I really can’t recall the occasion) to respond to a newsgroup thread. The premises was we all know what a TOP 100 list looks like (I assume that if you decide to pay a visit here, you probably are familiar with the basic repertoire/recommendation list. If not, why stick to those?), what would the next bunch be if we put a focus on the 20th century. My own interest is mainly in pre-1950s modernism, so the list basically contains compositions in the first half of the century. I now submit my list of POST-
100 in the hope that you will also share yours in exchange. Next, we will probably start a CD recommendations to a new list...

Bartok, Bela. Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.
                      Piano Concerto No. 2.
                      Miraculous Mandarin.
                      Sonata for solo violin.
Berg, Alban. Lulu, 1928-34.
                      Chamber Concerto, 1925.
Blacher, Boris. Paganini Variations, 1947.
Boulez, Pierre. Piano Sonata No.2, 1948.
Britten, Benjamin. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, 1945.
                       (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell)
[There is obviously a bias against his opera here!]
Busoni, Ferruccio. Piano Concerto, 1904. [!]
Copland, Aaron. Piano Variations.
Debussy, Claude. Jeux, 1912.
                             Preludes Books I-II.
Eisler, Hanns. Hollywood Songbook.
                        Deutsche Sinfonie.
Henze, Hans Werner. Symphony No. 3, 1949.
Hindemith, Paul. “Mathis der Maler” Symphony, 1934.
Ives, Charles. Symphony No. 4, 1916.
                       Central Park in the Dark, 1906.
                       Piano Sonata No. 2 (“Concord”).
Janacek, Leos. On the Overgrown Path.
[Again, opera!]
Kodaly, Zoltan. Peacock Variations, 1938-39.
Koechlin, Charles. Landscapes and Seascapes Op. 63 for piano, 1915-16.
Martin, Frank. Petite Symphonie Concertante.
Messiaen, Olivier. Turangalila Symphony, 1948.
                               Quartet for the End of Time, 1940.
Milhaud, Darius. La Creation du Monde, 1923.
Nielsen, Carl. Symphony No. 5, 1922.
Prokofiev, Sergei. Symphony No. 3.
Ravel, Maurice. Gaspard de la nuit, 1908.
Schoenberg, Arnold. Five Piano Pieces, Op. 23.
                                  Variations for Orchestra, Op. 31, 1928.
                                   Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21.
Scriabin, Alexander. Symphony No. 4 “The Poem of Ecstacy,” 1908.
Shostakovich, Dmitri. Symphony No. 8, 1943.
Sibelius, Jean. Symphony No. 7, 1924.
Strauss, Richard. An Alpine Symphony, 1915.
                            Four Last Songs.
Stravinsky, Igor. A Soldier’s Tale.
[Another sore spot. I know.]
Varese, Edgar. Arcana, 1927.
                         Hyperprism, 1924.
[A recent CD release almost renders this item useless, since almost all of his works can be heard
on this excellent set.]
Vaugh Williams, Ralph. Symphony No. 5, 1943.
Walton, William. Symphony No. 1, 1935.
Webern, Anton. Symphony Op. 21, 1928.
Weill, Kurt. Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny,1930.
Wolpe, Stefan. Battle Piece, 1942-47.

I can's recall the rationale of some of the pieces listed here. Where is Satie, Poulenc or Honneger, for example? But I think it really does not matter because the context of this list have changed so much. It is presented to a new group of people with a somewhat "concentrated" interest. Many many new CDs have come out since. Now let's hear yours.


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