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  Lion Feuchtwanger 07 July 1884 - 21 December 1958
Lion Feuchtwanger; DHM, Berlin.
Bertolt Brecht and Lion Feuchtwanger at Villa Aurora, DHM.
Jud Süß, 1925
Erfolg, 1931
Goya, 1950


  • 1884 born in Munich. Father: Siegmund Aaron Feuchtwanger; Mother: Johanna.
  • 1903 attends University of Munich, studying Germanistik and Philosophy, also Greek and Indian culture.
  • 1905 Part I of drama collection published [Part II: 1906]; LF starts as stage director.
  • 1907 doctoral dissertation finished »Heinrich Heines Fragment >Der Rabbi von Bacherach<«.
  • 1909 friendship with Frank Wedekind and Marta Löfler (1891-1987).
  • 1911 friendship with Heinrich Mann; Beginning of theatre career: 18 plays in total.
  • 1912 marries Marta Löffler; travels to Switzerland and Italy.
  • 1913 continues traveling in southern France, Monte-Carlo and Italy.
  • 1914 interrupted by the outbreak of World War I (28.7) while the couple were in Tunis; escape from the internment and return to Munich.
  • 1915 play »Warren Hasting, Gouverneur von Indien« (UA: Schauspielhaus München 23.9.1916).
  • 1917 play »Jud Süß« (UA: Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam 1954).
  • 1919 friendship with Bertolt Brecht.
  • 1924 collaboration with Bertolt Brecht on »Leben Eduards des Zweiten von England nach Marlow« (UA: Kammespiele München 19.03.1924; director: Brecht, set: Caspar Neher); vacationing with Brecht on the Isle of Rügen.
  • 1925 revising »Warren Hastings« under the new title »Kalkutta, 4. Mai« with Brecht (UA: Schauspielhaus Berlin 12.6.1928; director: Erich Engel, set: Neher); moves to Berlin; novel »Jud Süß« published.
  • 1927 begins novel »Erfolg« as the first part of »Wartesaal-Trilogie« (published in 1930).
  • 1928 »Pep J. L. Wetcheek's Amerikanishes Liederbuch« published with Neher's illustrations.
  • 1932 November begins tour through the US.
  • 1933 Goebbels labels LF as the worst enemy to the German people; stripped of German nationality and doctorate degree; house and property (including manuscripts) in Berlin confiscated; LF finds asylum in Sanary in southern France.
  • 1935 attends the First International Writers' Congress for the Defense of Culture in Paris.
  • 1936 co-editor of »Das Wort« with Brecht and Willi Bredel.
  • 1937 trip to Moscow; »Moskau 1937« appears in Amsterdam.
  • 1939 interned at Lager Les Milles in southern France.
  • 1940 interned again; flight over the Pyrenees; from Spain and Protugal reaches the US; settles in Pacific Palisades (California).
  • 1942 collaboration with Brecht on »Die Gesichte der Simone Machard« (UA: Städtische Bühne Frankfurt am Main 8.3.1957).
  • 1943 novel »Simone« published; purchases Villa Aurora.
  • 1948 applies for US citzenship which is never granted.
  • 1958 dies of stomach cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital in Los Angesles.