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Helene Weigel, 1900-1971
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Film/TV Appearances
1926 Metropolis (Harbou / Lang) Fritz Lang (UFA)
1932 Kuhle Wampe (Brecht / Ottwald): sings off-screen "Das Frühjahr." Slatan Dudov (Praesens)
1944 The Seventh Cross (Seghers / Deutsch) Fred Zinnemann (MGM)
1953 Die Gewehre der Frau Carrar (Brecht) Käthe Rülicke / Jens Peter (Fernsehen der DDR)
1957 Die Windrose (Amando / Pozner) Alberto Cavalcanti / Sergei Gerasimov /Joris Ivens
1957 Katzgraben (Strittmatter) Max Jaap /Manfred Wekwerth (DEFA)
1958 Die Mutter (Brecht) Manfred Wekwerth (DEFA)
1960 Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (Brecht / Palitzsch / Wekwerth) Peter Palitzsch / Manfred Weckwerth (DEFA)
04.02.1968 Marie Soupeau - Die Gesichte der Simone Machard (Brecht / Feuchtwanger) Manfred Karge / Matthias Langhoff [Deutsches Fernsehnfunk - Berlin (Ost)]
Other important events in HWs life/career
May 1919 Audition for the Wiener Volksbühne.
15.11.1922 Brecht visits the Deutsches Theater (Berlin) during the rehearsals of Trommel in der Nacht (directed by Otto Falckenberg) and met HW for the first time.
August 1923 Through the introduction by Arnolt Bronnen, Brecht begins relationships with HW
10.04.1929 Brecht and HW get married.
March-May 1935 Brecht in Moscow. Part of his purpose is to find a film role for HW.
September 1935 Brecht suggests HW in his Die Rundköpfe und Die Spitzköpfe for a plan to open a German-speaking theatre in Prag.
June-October 1935 HW participate in the preparation of Die Mutter at the Amateurtheater-RT (directed by Ruth Berlau, in herDanish translation).
Mid-June 1936 Erwin Piscator asks HW for his German theatre plan in Engels.
Mid-May 1937 Brecht sends inquiries to Walter Benjamin in Paris about a possible plan for HW to appear in the cabaret «Die Laterne».
May 1939  Brecht gives lectures on acting in a student theatre in Stockholm. Further plans for HW appearances to show examples in autumn. 
January-April 1940 Brecht and HW give joint lessons at the actress Naima Wifrstrand's private school in Stokcholm.
May 1943 HW and Marta Feuchtwanger read cookbooks in fake Polish over the telephone in order to upset FBI's buggin operations.
19.11.1947 HW and daughter Barbara arrives in Zürich. 
22.10.1948 HW returns to Berlin.
25.09.1949 HW, Paul Bildt, Werner Hinz, Angelika Hurwicz, and Gerda Müller receive Nationalpries II. Klasse for their performance in Mutter Courage.
24.03.1950 The founding of the Deutsche Akademie der Künste in East Berlin. HW elected as member.
18-19. 04.1953 HW with members of the Berliner Ensemble attend the first German Stanislawski Conference.
16-17.06.1953 During the workers' demonstrations in East Berlin, HW was in Budapest attending the Weltfriedenskongreß.
01.10.1953 HW receives nationalpreis II. KLasse her performance in Mutter Courage (BE), Frau Carrar, and Katzgraben.
15-16.1953 Brecht, HW, and Ernst Busch travel to Wien to prepare for Die Mutter at the Scala.
07.11.1954 HW organizes the Matinee-Veranstaltung: Revolutionsfeier at the Berliner Ensemble.
05.12.1954 HW becomes a party candidate for the SED in the Berlin (West) election.
24.04.1955 HW reads Brecht's short shory "Der Mantel des Ketzers" over the radio.
25.05.1954 Brecht, HW, and Käthe Rülicke in Moscow. Brecht receives the Stalin Peace Prize. At the banquet for Brecht, Asja Lacis asked HW to read poems from Hundert Gedichte.
18.08.1955 DEFA starts the shooting of Mutter Courage (dir. Wolfgang Staudte). The project is abandoned in October over the differences between the playwright and the director.
04.04.1969 Last performance of Mutter Courage with HW. (405 performance since 1949).
03.04.1971 Last performance of Die Mutter with HW in Paris.
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