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Date:  Oct 27 1998 17:47:16 EST
From: [Name concealed]
Subject:  Hello
A warm welcome to this list, and best wishes to the management!

Introducing myself: I'm a long-term member of Dave Lampson's Moderated Classical Music List and of Mahler-list, and an occasional lurker on classm-l and various others. I'm also on a few jazz lists. I have interests throughout classical music, but my main interests are twentieth century. I am not a formally trained musician, but my wife is. She's also a properly qualified and practising music therapist.

While the MCML has been off-line recently I've been involved with a group of its members who've been thinking about classical music mailing lists generally, and we had been playing with the idea of starting up something new, with a bias towards modern music. Maybe that won't be needed now!

My hopes for this list: That we should concentrate more on the second half of the century than the  first (later Mahler and Puccini, for example, are well-covered elsewhere) and, since this century only has fourteen months left, that we should have a firm eye looking forward to the next one. That we should keep each other informed about upcoming live performances and other relevant events. That we should accept that twentieth century classical music covers a very wide range, and it's unlikely that anyone will like or dislike all of it - and that everyone's big favourite will probably be someone else's big "can't stand". That we should all be open to being persuaded to broaden our minds by the enthusiasms of others. I've recently become something less than a convert to Harrison Birtwistle, but definitely an admirer, and all because of the advocacy of someone who I believe has subscribed to this list. That was a big, big step for me - but I'm now putting a lot of time into listening to "The Mask of Orpheus", and I'm getting  lot out of it.

And the most interesting C20 music I've heard live recently - Pierre-Laurent Aimard playing Ligeti piano etudes at the Festival Hall in London last Friday.

Looking forward to interesting and illuminating debates on this list,

[Name concealed.]